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This is Jaisal, founder of Insanely Useful Websites. Seeing as we're now halfway through 2022, this is a special weekend issue where I'm sharing 3 of the most popular websites we've featured so far in 2022...

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🤩 Most Popular


This website lets you generate images from text descriptions using AI, and we’re actually surprised by how good they are! Let’s say you want to see an image of a chipmunk eating a carrot while sitting on a horse? This site can do that for you.

Pro tip: Enter very specific text descriptions for the best results.


Museum of Endangered Sounds

Want a dose of serious nostalgia? The Museum of Endangered Sounds will send you back in time. Listen to perfectly preserved sounds of old tech like the classic Nokia ringtone.


Classic Reload

Want to bring some nostalgia and play some old games? This website lets you play vintage retro games right in your browser!


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