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4 day week is the place to find software jobs with a better work life balance. We only list remote jobs with a 4 day work week (mostly 32hrs) with no reduction in salary.


🤩 New Useful Websites

Beach Nearby

This website uses crowdsourced data to help you discover the best beaches near you, with 25,277 added so far. Just in time for summer! 🏖


Eat This Much

Eat This Much lets you put your diet on autopilot by creating personalized meal plans based on your food preferences, budget, and schedule.



Wondering how soon you could achieve financial independence? If it's better to rent vs own? Or how fast to pay off your student loans? This is a cool website that lets you plan, test and forecast your financial future.


⭐️ Cure Boredom

Hex Invaders

This is a cute little browser game that uses your knowledge of colour to defeat incoming invaders.

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