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Firstly, thank you so much for your continued support of Insanely Useful Websites. 2022 was huge, and we finished the year on a high - last week's issue had our second-highest open rate ever (despite our new email) and we saw an incredible 3,600 clicks from our 5,100 subscribers. We're so glad you like what we're doing 🙏🏻

Normal service is resumed this week with new and undiscovered sites. Since it's early January, this selection is heavy on inspiration for the year ahead - do you enjoy more focused issues like this? You can just reply to this mail to let us know.

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🥳 New Insanely Useful Websites

Curated jobs with the potential for a life-changing outcome. Rocketships lists jobs at hyper-growth companies, but filters out both mega-corps like Google where there's tiny equity and tiny startups that might not survive, so they balance security and potential.


Nomad Lifestyle latest listings

Mid-term stay locations that cater to remote workers. They install tech like Herman Miller chairs, standing desks and 4k displays in their locations and certify others as remote-work ready, so you know you can stay productive in any property listed.


Futurepedia screenshot

Enormous AI tools directory. With 250+ tools listed, this site is great for inspiring the next AI startup or finding a tool to help you create it. 2022 was huge for AI so you'll recognise some tools like AvatarAI from our previous newsletters, but there are many more.


⌚️ Timeless design

24 hour analogue clock as seen from the South Pole

@PascalPixel has reinvented the multi-timezone clock in a beautifully simple way. By imaginging that the face is the earth viewed from the South Pole, the hour hands move in sync to show the time in each city and their relative difference. Apple watch face, please?

If that's made you think about other ways to show the time around the world, also check out Itsu by mohan and let us know which you prefer.


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