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Big Tech trends uncovered through patents. The team of investigative journalists at Patent Drop scours 100+ patents each week to bring you below-the-source trends and unique insights into their strategy.

The analysis a few weeks ago of Uber's safety system patent was eye-opening - as frequent Uber users, we're hoping this changes the game for both riders and drivers. Once you're subscribed, look for the issue from Feb 16th to read about it.


👩‍💻 New Insanely Useful Websites

Screenshot of Open Library reader

Borrow books through the Internet Archive. This non-profit ebook lending library has an incredible selection of books available to read across most devices (Kindle, iPad and Android included). If you're using the visual habit tracker from last week's issue, you can even pair it with Open Library's 2023 reading goal objective.

If you're more of an audiobook person, check out LibriVox instead - they have a catalog of public domain audiobooks.


Screenshot of SMK Open surrealist images

Free to use artwork. SMK Open provides high-quality, downloadable photographs of artworks in the National Gallery of Denmark, with a Creative Commons license. So far they've added 48,000 high-res photographs.


Screenshot of GPT-4 Image Input and response

GPT-3.5 (the model behind ChatGPT) was just a "test run". OpenAI released GPT-4 and the results are incredible - ChatGPT was in the bottom 10% of test takers in a simulated bar exam, but GPT-4 is in the top 10% 🤯

Need something even more incredible? It supports image inputs and even understands meme humor - take a look at the screenshot above.


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Learn to stand out in 2 minutes a day. This daily email from Louis Grenier - the "moody French guy" behind the Everyone Hates Marketers podcast - is refreshingly no-nonsense. Hopefully yesterday's edition on making podcast ads bearable will get forwarded to every podcast host... it'll make the world a better place (and maybe help them make more money).


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