New Insanely Useful Websites - Issue #6

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This is the 6th edition of the Insanely Useful Websites Newsletter. Every week, we showcase 3 insanely useful websites, products and apps we discovered and think you’ll find useful.

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For example, check out this WP plugin that lets you target website visitors with a specific notification bar available for $450.


New Useful Websites πŸ‘‡

Logo to use

Download any logo in LogoToUse and do whatever you want with them. This is the place to showcase more than 120+ million logos that are already designed worldwide and are archived!



Keppler is a tool for real-time code sharing, useful for lectures or presentations.


Expired Domains

ExpiredDomains gathers all the information you need to find good expired domains or domains pending deletion so that you can backorder them.

New Useless WebsiteπŸ‘‡

Paper Toilet

Have time to kill? This funny little browser game allows you to play with a toilet paper roll.

Gems From Twitter πŸ’Ž

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