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Viral Post Generator

This random website uses AI to write cringeworthy Linkedin posts that go viral and the results are hilarious. Try it out and send us your best creations!



Ever wondered what technology the most successful startups in the world are using? Companies.tools provides a curated list of the tools used by some of the best tech teams in the world.


City Walks

City Walks is a brilliant free website that lets you take virtual walking tours in cities all around the world. Choose from Dublin in Ireland, Dubai in UAE or Florence in Italy. The world is your oyster!


πŸ’Ž Gems From The Archive

Billion Dollar Pitch Decks

Billion Dollar Pitch Decks is a free collection of 100+ pitch decks that popular startups used to raise billions of dollars in funding. Perfect if you're thinking about starting a business or fundraising.


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